The End Of The Sme Fund Program

The End of the SME Fund Program

Agnieszka Lesiak

Agnieszka Lesiak

12 December 20232 min read

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European Union Funding

At the beginning of this year, an SME Fund program was launched for small and medium-sized enterprises based in one of the European Union countries. The details of the program and who specifically could benefit from financial aid can be found in the introductory article to the SME Fund program. On November 8, 2023, the European Intellectual Property Office announced that the funds for this year had been depleted. This means that no new entrepreneur will be able to apply for funding to register a trademark until the end of 2023. Congratulations to everyone who managed to utilize the fund this year!

Program Benefits

The funding provided by the European Intellectual Property Office has significantly helped many entrepreneurs reduce the costs associated with intellectual property protection. As a result, entrepreneurs who previously refrained from protecting their rights due to financial reasons were able to initiate the protection process. Throughout the year, we have been assisting our clients in obtaining funding. Each of our clients received funding from the European Office. This is excellent news considering that brand protection is a crucial element of future success in today's business environment.

Good News...

For those who didn't manage to secure funding in 2023, all is not lost. The EUIPO has announced that a similar program will also launch in 2024. The new program will continue the mission of supporting entrepreneurs, offering even more diverse support tools tailored to the dynamically changing business environment. At the moment, we do not yet have details about the new program. We encourage you to follow our website, where we will continuously publish information related to the new funding program for entrepreneurs.

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Can I still apply for SME Fund funding for a trademark application?

No. The funds allocated for 2023 have been completely depleted.

Will the SME Fund be launched in 2024?

Yes. The European Union Office is working on a similar funding program, which will kick off in 2024.

Will funds be limited in 2024?

Yes. In 2024, the fund will also have its upper limit. We encourage you to make decisions related to participation in the funding program as soon as possible.

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