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A Simple Guide To Trademark Renewal

A Simple Guide to Trademark Renewal

Olena Shmanko

Olena Shmanko

27 May 20245 min read

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A Simple Guide to Trademark Renewal

A Simple Guide to Trademark Renewal with EUIPO for Poland


  1. Defining Trademark Registration
  2. Renewing a Trademark: Importance and Timing
  3. Poland Trademark Renewal Schedule
  4. Required Documentation for Renewal
  5. Secure Your Brand with Trademarkia!

Defining Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is an essential legal process for safeguarding your brand's unique identity. By registering a trademark, you secure exclusive rights to a symbol, word, phrase, logo, or design that distinctly represents your company and its products or services. This legal protection is crucial as it ensures that your brand remains identifiable and consistent in the marketplace, fostering customer trust and loyalty.

The process of trademark registration involves several steps, including conducting a thorough search to ensure the proposed trademark is not already in use, submitting a detailed application to the relevant trademark office, and undergoing an examination period where the application is reviewed for compliance with legal standards.

Once registered, your trademark becomes a powerful tool against infringement. It allows you to take legal action against unauthorized use by others, preventing them from capitalizing on your brand's reputation and diluting its market presence. This protection is particularly important in today's competitive business environment, where maintaining a distinct and reputable brand image is key to long-term success.

Moreover, a registered trademark adds significant value to your business. It can be a critical asset in marketing and branding strategies, often becoming synonymous with the quality and reliability of your offerings. It also enhances the overall value of your business, making it more attractive to investors and potential buyers.

In summary, trademark registration is not just about legal compliance; it is a strategic move to protect and enhance your brand's integrity, ensuring its continued recognition and trust among consumers.

Renewing a Trademark: Importance and Timing

Renewing a trademark is essential for maintaining legal protection and exclusive rights, preventing unauthorized use. Generally, trademarks must be renewed every ten years, though this varies by jurisdiction.

When registering a trademark, it's important to note the first renewal date, which is five years after registration. Tracking this period can be challenging as it doesn't follow a standard schedule. EUIPO does not send renewal reminders, so missing the deadline can lead to cancellation, requiring a new application to restore rights. Trademarkia offers services to remind you of these deadlines, ensuring you don't miss them.

Poland Trademark Renewal Schedule

The trademark renewal process in Poland involves three main stages:

  1. First Renewal Stage:
    • Timeline: The first renewal of the trademark occurs ten years after the original registration date.
    • Requirements: A renewal application must be submitted, including documentation proving that the trademark is still in use for the specified goods or services.
  2. Subsequent Renewals:
    • Timeline: Each subsequent renewal must be done every ten years.
    • Requirements: Similar to the first renewal, a renewal application and proof of continued use must be submitted.
  3. Grace Period for Late Renewal:
    • Timeline: If you miss the renewal deadline, Poland provides a six-month grace period.
    • Conditions: During this period, you can still renew the trademark but will incur additional fees. All required renewal documents and proof of use must be submitted within this time to avoid cancellation.

Required Documentation for Renewal

  1. Renewal Application:
    • Form: Complete the official renewal application form provided by the Polish Patent Office (PPO).
    • Details: Ensure all details about the trademark, including the registration number, owner information, and covered goods or services, are accurate.
  2. Proof of Use:
    • Evidence: Provide current evidence showing that the trademark is actively used in commerce for the listed goods or services.
    • Examples: This could include labels, packaging, advertisements, or other relevant materials demonstrating trademark use.
  3. Renewal Fee:
    • Fee: Pay the required renewal fee to the PPO within the stipulated time to avoid additional charges.
    • Late Fee: If applicable, include any late fees incurred due to filing within the grace period.
  4. Power of Attorney (if applicable):
    • Representation: If a legal representative handles the renewal process, a Power of Attorney document must be provided.
    • Details: This document should authorize the representative to act on behalf of the trademark owner during the renewal process.
  5. Declaration of Continued Use:
    • Statement: A formal declaration confirming that the trademark is still in use or, if not, a valid reason for non-use.
    • Form: This is usually part of the renewal application or a separate document.

Important Notes:

  • Timeliness: Submit all required documents and fees before the renewal deadline to avoid additional costs or potential cancellation.
  • Accuracy: Ensure all provided information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Monitoring: Keep track of renewal dates and prepare documentation in advance to ensure timely submission.

Secure Your Brand with Trademarkia!

Renewing your trademark is essential for maintaining legal protection of your brand. Trademarkia provides comprehensive assistance in managing trademark renewals, helping you avoid the risks of expired rights and potential infringement issues.

With our expert services ,your brand will remain safeguarded and continue to thrive in the competitive market.

Failing to renew your trademark can lead to the expiration of your legal protections, leaving your brand vulnerable to infringement and misuse. This not only threatens the unique identity you’ve worked hard to build but can also result in significant financial and reputational damage.

Trademarkia offers expert services to manage your trademark renewals efficiently and effectively. Our experienced team will handle all the necessary paperwork, track renewal deadlines, and ensure that your trademark remains active and protected. By using our services, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of safeguarding your brand’s legal standing.

Our platform, accessible at provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring and managing your trademark portfolio. We offer timely reminders and professional support to navigate the complexities of trademark law, making sure you never miss a renewal deadline.

With Trademarkia, you can be confident that your brand will remain protected and continue to thrive in the competitive market. Don’t risk the integrity and value of your brand—partner with us to ensure its ongoing protection and success.

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