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A new edition of the "Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund" funding program has started, aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of intellectual property rights protection. The SME Fund 2024 has been launched following the tremendous success of the 2023 edition, during which over 35,000 applications were submitted.

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Support for your small or medium-sized business from the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund 2024 is now available!

Benefits of the SME fund 2024

The Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund, led by the European Commission and EUIPO, provides EU SMEs with 4 IP vouchers covering fees and services for protecting intellectual property. These vouchers support trademark, design, patent, plant variety and IP Scan applications, among other services, in collaboration with national and regional IP offices.

The following vouchers can be used to apply for reimbursement of costs.

Voucher 1: IP Scan

Voucher 1: IP Scan

Receive up to 1350 EUR for intellectual property audit and enforcement services.

Voucher 2: Trademarks and Industrial Designs.

Voucher 2: Trademarks and Industrial Designs.

75% discount on basic fees for filing a trademark and design at EU, national, and regional levels, and 50% discount on basic fees for filing a trademark and design outside the EU, saving up to 1,000 EUR.

Voucher 3: Patent - New!

Voucher 3: Patent - New!

This year, the SME Fund offers funding for legal costs related to the preparation and filing of a European patent application (up to 50% or €2,000, if submitted by a professional representative from the official EPO list).

Voucher 4: Plant Variety Protection.

Voucher 4: Plant Variety Protection.

Up to 1500 EUR per beneficiary! Refund of 75% of fees for submitting the application online and its examination by CPVO.


What is the SME Fund by EUIPO?

The SME Fund is a grant program launched by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the EU in the field of industrial property rights. It offers financial aid for covering costs related to trademarks, designs, patents, and plant variety rights.

Is there a limit to the amount of financial aid provided?

The total budget for the SME Fund is €47 million, but the specific amount of aid varies depending on the service and the fees involved.

Who is eligible for the SME Fund?

Small and medium-sized enterprises based in the European Union are eligible to apply for the SME Fund.

Are international intellectual property rights covered by the fund?

Yes, the fund includes provisions for covering costs related to international trademarks and design protection through the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

What does the SME Fund cover?

The fund provides vouchers for several IP-related expenses, including up to 90% reimbursement for IP Scan services, 75% for trademark and design registration fees, and 50% for international trademark and design protection fees and national patent registrations.

Can the fund be used for patent-related expenses?

Yes, from 2023, the fund also covers patent-related services, including the costs of patent filing and private IP advice.

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