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How To Avoid Infringing On Someone Elses Trademark

How to avoid infringing on someone else's trademark?

Katarzyna Binder-Sony

Katarzyna Binder-Sony

12 February 20244 min read

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 How to avoid infringing on someone else's trademark?

Practical Guide for Companies: How to Avoid Infringing someone else's Trademark?

Trademarks play a key role in protecting a company's brand identity and reputation, distinguishing its products or services from competitors and building consumer trust. Unfortunately, it may happen that another company's trademark is unintentionally infringed, which may lead to unnecessary legal problems, financial losses and image damage.

In this article, we want to provide a practical guide for companies on what steps can be taken to not only avoid or at least minimize the risk of trademark infringement, but also protect your brand in an optimal way.

But what are these trademarks?

Before we get into strategies for avoiding infringement on someone else's prior trademarks, it's important to understand what these marks are.

A trademark is a mark (commonly called a brand or logo) used in trade and used to identify the products or services of a specific entrepreneur . The use of different trademarks makes it possible to distinguish products of the same type offered by different entrepreneurs, thus constituting the basis for building the image and reputation of the brand.

Trademarks may include brand names, logos, slogans, and even distinctive product packaging or repeated patterns on goods.

Conducting Thorough Research of Earlier Trademarks

One of the first steps to avoid infringement of other people's trademarks is to conduct a comprehensive examination of the newly selected trademark. This includes checking identical and similar prior trademarks to ensure that the name we have just chosen does not conflict with existing trademarks. The examination is performed in the national database of the Intellectual Property Office for the relevant country (such as the database of the Polish Patent Office of the Polish Patent Office or the European Intellectual Property Office of EUIPO) to search for available registered or applied for trademarks and to assess whether there would be a risk of confusion in the event of an opposition or infringement lawsuit.

Additionally, you should also consider checking for unregistered trademarks, which may not be officially registered in your jurisdiction but may still be protected under certain conditions.

Cooperation with an IP Specialist

Consultation with a professional attorney who is not only a qualified lawyer (i.e. has the professional title of attorney, legal advisor or patent attorney) but also has specialized for years in intellectual property law, including trademark law, is a key step in the process minimizing the risk of infringement of someone else's trademark. Professional intellectual property attorneys can provide valuable information about the intricacies of trademark law, assess the risks associated with the selected mark and help you go through the registration process without worrying about additional surprises that may arise during the registration procedure (refusal of the office, opposition filed by a third party). Investing in legal advice at an early stage of implementing a new brand can protect your company against potential legal disputes and financial losses in the future.

Trademark Registration

Although registration is not mandatory, protecting yourself by registering a trademark has many benefits, including a legal presumption of ownership of the mark, protection throughout the territory of the country or even countries (a single registration in the European Union gives protection in all 27 EU members) and the possibility of bringing an action. a claim for damages in the event of infringement. Working with a professional trademark attorney who can directly represent you before the office will ensure that the registration will be comprehensive and correct, in line with the needs of your company.

Monitoring and Enforcing Rights

Trademark protection is a continuous process. Remember, it does not end with the successful registration of a trademark and obtaining a registration certificate. You must continue to regularly monitor the market for potential infringements, but this time with a view to enforcing your rights against emerging businesses that may potentially be infringing your mark. You may consider sending warning letters demanding that the violations cease, filing a counter-notice within a specified period, or taking legal action against the offending parties. Proactively monitoring and enforcing your rights demonstrates your commitment to protecting your brand and can effectively deter potential infringers. Cooperation with a professional attorney in this regard may prove invaluable. It can monitor newly filed trademarks for you and warn about the potential risk of infringement, prepare a strategy and, after consulting with you, enforce it on your behalf, while you calmly focus on further development of your brand.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Remember, first, to minimize the risk of infringing someone else's trademarks, avoid using marks that are similar to existing trademarks, even if they are not identical.

Be careful when choosing internet domain names, social media usernames and marketing materials, and preferably with the help of a professional attorney, make sure before marketing your brand that it does not infringe the prior rights of other companies.

Additionally, stay up to date with market changes and industry trends to adapt your trademark strategy on the fly.


As you can see, infringing someone else's trademark can have serious consequences for your company, ranging from legal problems to image damage, and it can also be very expensive. By understanding trademark basics, conducting research, seeking legal advice, registering your mark and implementing proactive monitoring strategies, this risk can be significantly reduced and give you the added advantage of protecting your trademark. Taking these steps not only protects your company, but also builds a positive image of your brand on the market for years to come.

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