Amazon Brand Registry And Strefa Marek Allegro How To Earn Money On Your Own Brand

Amazon Brand Registry and Strefa Marek Allegro - How to Earn Money on Your Own Brand

Agnieszka Lesiak

Agnieszka Lesiak

26 December 20232 min read

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Amazon Brand Registry, Strefa Marek Allegro

Many entrepreneurs decide to sell their products on platforms such as Amazon or Allegro. Both of these platforms provide access to a huge number of potential clients, which results in increased sales of products. Are you interested in introducing your own brand on Amazon or Allegro? Do you want to make sure that no one counterfeits your products? If you answered yes to these questions, then we invite you to read this article.

Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon is currently one of the largest sales platforms. With so many sellers, Amazon has taken brand protection and counterfeit fighting to heart. The protection program is called the Amazon Brand Registry. What is it? The program protects owners of registered trademarks from violations by other entities. Entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the program must register through Amazon's website and have a registered trademark.

Registering with the Amazon Brand Registry program brings many benefits to entrepreneurs. The main advantage of the program is obtaining an effective tool to combat unfair competition on Amazon and offers that impersonate original products of your brand. Additionally, Amazon offers promotional benefits to sellers who have registered their brand that are not available without joining the protection program.

Registering your brand on the Amazon platform is free, and thanks to it, entrepreneurs gain additional tools to combat fraudsters.

Strefa Marek Allegro

The Strefa Marek Allegro is an analogous protection program operating on another sales platform. Entrepreneurs who want to protect their brand on Allegro can register for the Strefa Marek Allegro. The offered program provides protection for sellers and grants them the status of authorized stores. This translates directly into the number of customers and trust in the given brand. An additional advantage is increased visibility of products of a brand belonging to the protection program.

To register your brand in the protection program, you must have a registered trademark and be its owner. Not everyone will be able to benefit from the protection program.

Statistics published by Allegro show that products offered by Sellers belonging to the Brand Zone enjoy much greater popularity. The program also allows you to fight other Sellers who engage in unethical activities that mislead customers.

Entrepreneurs interested in protection programs offered by Amazon and Allegro are invited to contact us.

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Do I need to have a company to register for the protection program?

No. Trademark owners without a company can also take advantage of the programs.

Is registration for the program paid?

No. Registration for the Amazon Brand Registry and the Allegro Program is free.

Can I sign up for the program before registering a trademark?

Unfortunately not. Both programs only cover entrepreneurs with an already registered trademark. This means that you cannot first apply to join the program and then try to obtain a trademark.

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